Wigan Borough Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Consultation

The Wigan Borough Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018-2021 developed by Wigan Council, is now out for consultation.

This Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) considers the pharmaceutical needs of Wigan Borough residents.

It will be used to make decisions when applications are received to open new pharmacies or move existing pharmacies and will also form the basis of commissioning plans for services that will be provided by community pharmacies.

Why are we publishing a PNA?

The PNA will provide the basis of planning, developing, and commissioning pharmaceutical services in Wigan Borough.

Health and wellbeing boards have a statutory duty to develop and publish a PNA every three years – we last published a PNA in March 2015.

The draft PNA is open for comment from 17 October 2017 to 31st December 2017. Both the report and online consultation can be accessed here: