Reports from Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh

Below is a list of our reports.

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  • pdf Do People Know how to make a complaint - Snapshot Report
    Do People Know how to make a complaint - Snapshot Report
    This work produced two long reports; one concerned with GP appointments, one concerned with general views of GP services, on exploring people’s understanding of telehealth and this report which explores what people understand about NHS complaints processes.
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  • pdf GP appointments
    Patient Experiences of GP Services: Appointments Conversations with the people of Wigan and Leigh January to March 2017
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  • pdf Healthwatch Wigan & Leigh. Public's View on Devolution and Wigan Locality Plan - January 2017
    During the first forums of Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh in December 2016, attendees were asked what topics they would like covering at future forums. Devolution and Wigan’s locality plan were raised by all groups. As these topics are the foundation of future planning for Wigan’s Health and Social Care strategy, Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh provided a forum covering the subject. A Local Authority representative presented about the Wigan Locality Plan on behalf of Wigan Leaders, and Healthwatch used a presentation from the Greater Manchester team on Devolution.
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  • pdf Improving Services for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Snapshot Report Sept 2016
    This report is the final output of a process of work done by Healthwatch Wigan CIC. During March and April 2016, TS4SE conducted a research project on behalf of Healthwatch Wigan, working with the local Refugee and Asylum Support Group, SWAP about the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers of health and social care since arriving in Wigan. The report was presented to key stakeholders and responses to the report were requested at an event in September 2016.
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  • pdf Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh Annual Report 2016 - 2017
    The structure of the report represents the fact that the Healthwatch contract for Wigan Borough changed during 2016.From 1st April 2016 to 23rd October the contract was run under the name Healthwatch Wigan by a company called Healthwatch Wigan CIC.
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  • pdf Doing it Differently - Championing Change in Health and Social Care Report
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